EMBO Workshop: Chromosome segregation and aneuploidy

All authors will have received an email notification by the 22nd April advising on their paper status.

The below is a simple summary of your instructions to follow.

Presentation timings-
  • Refer to the detailed timetable for your overall presentation timing: 15 or 25 minutes. 
    Click here to open the detailed daily schedule and note your presentation day and timings.
  • You are reminded that a portion of your time slot is devoted to questions:
                                          15 min talk = 12 min oral presentation + 3 min Q&A
                                          25 min talk = 20 min oral presentation + 5 min Q&A
  • Please complete you presentation in PowerPoint format with presenter’s SURNAME as the first word of the filename.
  • Ensure you have your presentation available on a USB to provide to the technician.
  • Speakers are required to submit their presentation to the conference technician by 2:00 pm the day before their presentation.
  • Speakers are asked to be present in the conference hall a minimum of 30 minutes in advance of their session start time, to ensure suitable mic set up is done.
Click here to open the detailed daily schedule and note your presentation day and timings


Please note that posters are displayed throughout the conference including both poster sessions. 
You are asked to adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your poster:

(i) Each poster must be in portrait format.
(ii)Each poster must be printed and must not be bigger than the following size:
               Height/Tall = 1189mm
               Width = 841mm
               Standard Paper Size Preferred:  (A0 Portrait).
(iii)Any poster printed in landscape or larger than the provided dimensions cannot be displayed at the conference.

Note there are 2 sessions where authors are required to be present at their boards:

Ø Sunday: 1600 – 1730 – ODD numbered poster - presenters should be present at their board

Ø Monday: 1600 – 1730 – EVEN numbered poster- presenters should be present at their board
(Please refer to the abstract book when you arrive to the conference for your poster number)

Poster presenters are asked to have their poster displayed no later than 1800hr on Saturday 25 June. All authors are asked to remove their poster by Wednesday 29th at 1700hr. Any posters not removed will not be stored by the event. Please ensure that you attach your poster to your assigned board. Velcro will be provided.